Teacher guide What does the Sun give us?

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This is a resource for teachers about the energy that the Sun provides. It is a lesson plan with five experiments and background information. The experiments include: designing an effective pizza box solar oven; designing an Earth-Sun simulator in order to learn how solar energy is distributed around the Earth; measuring the energy of the sun; measuring how the length of day changes depending on where you are in the world; and measuring solar energy with a homemade solar collector. Each experiment has: a learning objective, questions, control and variables, equipment, safety requirements, suggestions and further investigations.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for the year 7 science curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions about the Earth's resources being renewable and non-renewable. The Pizza Box Solar Oven and Capture Solar Energy! experiments are relevant here. Each experiment involves using solar energy to create heat.
  • The resource is also relevant for the content description referring to collaboratively and individually planning and conducting investigations while ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed. Each of the five experiments in the resource is useful here. They include instructions for the experiment, materials and equipment and safety and environmental requirements.
  • The resource is especially valuable for sustainability cross-curriculum priority, particularly regarding the organising idea about how the biosphere is a dynamic system providing conditions that sustain life on Earth.
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