Text Italian: units 13-24

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These lesson plans, introduced by an overview mapping document, are twelve progressive units of work that constitute a beginner to intermediate course in Italian, covering themes such as the school system, describing people, literature, weather reports, cities, the planetary system, immigration, time and money. The plans provide core texts (eg poems, stories, articles) around which a web of tasks and drills, covering all macro skills, is developed. They also include objectives, word lists, grammar, additional useful language, expected prior learning, and suggestions for activities. These units are preceded by twelve beginners lessons.

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Educational value
  • This is a highly valuable resource for the Communicating and Understanding strands of the Italian language curriculum for years 7 to 9. It provides methodical units of work which are designed for progressive learning. The plans are organised around core themes, with culturally appropriate texts and a variety of tasks, drills, games and some testing, in order to develop language functions as well as knowledge of grammatical and textual structures.
  • This resource supports learning how to acquire and share knowledge of language systems using appropriate terminology, and applying it to beginner to intermediate comparisons between Italian, English and any other language the students may know. It also provides meaningful contexts for simple translations, and language and cultural reflections appropriate for the level at which the lesson plans are aimed.
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7; 8; 9

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  • Languages
  • Languages other than English

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