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This is a rich resource for teachers about the role of small farmers in the global food system. The resource includes two sets of lesson plans, one designed for the primary level and the other for secondary. Each set of lesson plans includes three downloadable documents: a teacher guide, activity sheets for students and a PowerPoint presentation. The primary lesson plan and activities focus on the experiences of small-scale farmers in Malawi. The secondary lesson plan and activities focus on small farmers around the world who have overcome hardship to achieve success; these farmers are called farming heroes. Nine stories of farming heroes are included.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the Geographical Inquiry Skills component of the year 9 geography curriculum, particularly the content description about presenting information, reasoned arguments and ideas in appropriate communication forms. The Defining a hero activity and Making the case for small farmers activity are relevant here. The Defining a hero activity provides students with an opportunity to use facts, emotions and empathy to write a speech, article or role play about why a small farming hero should be admired. The Making a case for small farmers activity provides students with an opportunity to write an argument to support spending money on small farmers.
  • It is also relevant for year 9 Biomes and food security study in year 9 geography. It is relevant to the content description about the challenges of food security, the shortage of fresh water and climate change. Each of the nine farming hero stories includes relevant information for this content description. The Angelina Mungia in Honduras story includes food security issues and the Lekea Borena in Ethiopia story includes climate change issues.
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7; 8; 9

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