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This is a rich resource for teachers about the impact of climate change on small-scale farmers. It includes two sets of resources, one for the primary level and the other for the secondary level. Each set of resources includes: a teacher guide with learning activities; worksheets for students; crop cards; and a PowerPoint presentation. Both sets of resources explore the impact of climate change on Lekea Borena's family, who live in Ethiopia and make their living by farming. Learning activities include: Starter activity; Meet Lekea's family; Diet and climate change; What's the alternative?; Climate change hearing; and Extension ideas.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the years 7 and 9 geography curriculums, in particular the content descriptions about the nature of water scarcity and challenges to food security, including land and water degradation, competing land uses and climate change. In the secondary resources, PowerPoint slides 6 and 18, and Activity 3: diet and climate change in the teacher guide are useful here. Students explore the impact climate change has had on the diets of people experiencing changing weather patterns due to climate change.
  • This resource is also relevant for the year 7 science curriculum, in particular the content description about how science understanding can influence the development of practices in human activities such as industry and agriculture. In the secondary resources, PowerPoint slides 17 and 18, activity 4 in the teacher guide, and the Alternatives in Ethiopia student handout sheets are relevant here. Students consider what alternatives are available for farmers experiencing climate change in Ethiopia; one alternative is implementing a new irrigation scheme.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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