Teacher guide GeogSpace: years 9-10 - key understandings

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This is a web page consisting of an overview and two illustrations of practice on the GeogSpace website, a resource for teachers. The illustrations relate to the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The two year 9 units of study are covered. Biomes and food security in relation to sustainable global food production and Geographies of interconnections in relation to the perceptions people have of place, and how this influences their connection to different places are explained. The year 10 unit of study Environmental change and management is discussed with particular reference to sustainability. The resource offers scope for inquiry and investigation through fieldwork with regard to people's perception of place.

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  • Illustration 1: Sustainability considers the geographical concept of sustainability together with the cross-curriculum priority Sustainability in relation to the curriculum in years 9 and 10. The interconnections of sustainability and sustainable development are explored.
  • Illustration 2: Perceptions of places focuses on narratives about people's perceptions of places, which enable students to explore their own personal geographies and to stimulate their curiosity about places and the differences between them. Students are encouraged to develop informed approaches towards sustainability and the human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability.
  • The resource helps students attain the achievement standard for year 9 in which students explain people's different perceptions and values about places and in year 10 when they examine sustainability in terms of the impact of people's different perceptions and values when making decisions.
  • The resource supports the general capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, and Intercultural understanding and allows for the development of Ethical understanding. The cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are evident in relation to the perceptions people have of place and in relation to sustainability.
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9; 10

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