Teacher guide Collections - comparing and ordering

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This is a web resource that includes student activities and games focusing on collections to 20, accompanied by a teacher guide. Activities cover comparing collections using one-to-one correspondence, ordinal numbers with associated positional words and a game based on the traditional Japanese game of ohajiki. The resource provides supporting materials including vocabulary for comparing and ordering, and printable ordinal number cards. The teacher guide suggests incorporating objects from Asia into the activities.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a useful resource that supports the Number and Algebra strand of the Mathematics curriculum for the Foundation year, particularly for the content description that refers to comparing, ordering and making correspondences between collections.
  • This resource could support the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority if as it is suggested aspects of Asian culture are incorporated into the student activities to provide engaging contexts for developing students' understanding of number.
  • This resource is useful in providing opportunities for cross-curriculum learning, with activities that combine an exploration of mathematical concepts with language development, particularly the use of words to compare the size of collections and positional words.
  • This resource supports the numeracy and literacy general capabilities.
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F; 1

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