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Teacher guide Could you be an innovator?

TLF ID M014041

This is a unit of work for teachers about being an innovator or being inventive. It has three main sections: Classroom unit - including an overview, the learning objectives and curriculum areas covered; Delivery - including duration, materials required and nine worksheets; and the Procedure - explaining the sequencing of learning activities. Worksheets include information about: the difference between and the stages of invention and innovation; an invention case study; patents; trademarks; design registration; marketing; and case studies about registering a trademark and registering a design.

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Educational value
  • This is a very useful resource for year 7-8 Design Technologies curriculum in relation to the ways products are designed, in particular in reference to the factors and stages designers work through in innovating new designs.
  • This is a useful resource for the year 8 English curriculum. It is relevant the content descriptions referring to: applying knowledge of vocabulary, text structures and language features to understand the content of texts; and creating imaginative, informative and persuasive texts that raise issues, report events and advance opinions. Worksheet 2, 'The invention case study', involving creating a solution to improve the spacer device used in management of asthma in children is useful here. Worksheet 9 also provides useful information for these content descriptions.
  • It is also a useful resource for the year 8 science curriculum, in particular the content description referring to science and technology contributing to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues. Worksheets 7 and 8 are relevant here as they include case studies about science and technology inventions and innovations that contribute to finding solutions to contemporary issues. The case studies also include details about the trademark and design registration process for each invention or innovation.
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