Teacher guide Introduction to differential calculus

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This is a teacher resource for an introduction to differential calculus, consisting of a website and a PDF with identical content. It contains an introduction to differentiation. It contains a discussion of the properties of the derivative of a given function and introduces and proves the chain rule, product rule and quotient rule for differentiation. It discusses the determination of the equation of a tangent line at a given point of a curve and also the derivative of the inverse of a function and implicit differentiation. The Links forward section considers higher derivatives and approximations of functions. A brief history of functions is presented. An appendix discusses differentiability of a function.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource that supports the teaching of differential calculus and related content of Mathematical Methods.
  • The content of the resource enables teachers to become familiar with the fundamental ideas of differential calculus. It is a useful resource that both motivates and explains many concepts in calculus.
  • It is particularly relevant for the topic Introduction to calculus of the Australian Curriculum subject Mathematical Methods and the topics that build on this one.
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11; 12

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