Teacher guide Activity: cool questions about water

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This is a web resource about water issues that includes an activity for students accompanied by a teacher guide with a lesson plan and student research topics. The activity requires students to identify a water issue, research different points of view pertaining to the issue, find evidence for each viewpoint, then present their own view of the issue. It suggests that students start by accessing the material on water in the student toolbox linked to the Cool Australia website. The teacher guide also provides ideas for extension activities.

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  • This is a useful resource that supports the Water in the world substrand in the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand of the geography curriculum for year 7, particularly for the content descriptions that refer to the classification of environmental resources and the forms that water takes as a resource; and the nature of water scarcity and ways of overcoming it, including studies drawn from Australia. It also supports the Geographical Inquiry and Skills strand for year 7. The resource may also be useful for the Literacy strand of year 7 English.
  • This resource supports the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority. It encourages students to consider issues that impact the availability of water resources such as the health of rivers, climate change, water recycling, desalination, water pollution and water entitlements.
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