Teacher guide Activity: energy saving devices

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This is a web resource about the symbols used on appliances and devices to indicate energy saving and energy rating. It provides a teacher guide and a student activity that prompts the student to carry out internet searches for images using the search terms 'energy saving' and 'energy rating' and to compare the results for each search. The activity also requires students to design a symbol or rating for an energy efficient product. The teacher guide suggests the activity be accompanied by class discussion.

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  • This resource may be of some use in supporting the Literacy strand of the English curriculum for year 3, for the content description about reading an increasing range of different types of texts, particular for the elaboration that refers to interpreting different types of illustrations and graphics; and the content description about using comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning, particularly for the elaboration referring to making connections between the information in print and images. It may also be of use for year 3 Visual Arts.
  • This resource supports the Information and communication technology and Literacy general capabilities.
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