Video TEDMED: Are we ready for a Declaration of Food Interdependence?

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This is a video clip of TEDMED speaker Ashley Atkinson describing a community program that promotes growing food together to transform the environment and to address issues of declining access to affordable, fresh produce. The video focuses on how the program, Keep Growing Detroit, provides resources to assist in the establishment of productive school, market and community gardens in Detroit, USA. The speaker also discusses the program's progress and its aims for the future. The video clip includes photographs and a map.

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Educational value
  • This video is a valuable resource for the Biomes and food security unit of the year 9 geography curriculum. It is specifically relevant to the content description that looks at biomes that produce the food and fibre people consume. This clip identifies a community-based system for producing food in an overseas nation as an alternative to more traditional food production systems.
  • This video is also valuable for the year 9 Use and influence of science content description that looks at how science is used in the media to explain a community program for growing fruit and vegetables and how human actions can play a role in transforming the local environment.
  • It is of considerable value in relation to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority. The resource focuses on community action to achieve a sustainable social and economic future for a community. It has an emphasis on producing food in a sustainable and interdependent community-based system.
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  • Geography
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