Video The Australian cotton story

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This is a nine-minute video about cotton cultivation in Australia and cotton's importance for Australians. Intended for a mid to upper primary school audience, it depicts a family sowing, irrigating, spraying and harvesting cotton on their farm at Dalby, Queensland. It also illustrates the life cycle of the cotton plant in cultivation; shows how the fibre is separated from the seeds, baled and exported; outlines the uses of the seeds; touches on how the fibre is combed, spun and woven; compares Australia's production to that of other countries; and emphasises throughout how Australians use cotton products every day.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the design and technologies curriculum for mid to upper primary students. It addresses the curriculum's food and fibre context and is particularly useful for content descriptions that refer to investigating how fibre is produced in modern societies (years 3 and 4 band) and how and why fibre is produced in managed environments (years 5 and 6 band). While the video focuses mainly on Australian production of cotton on family farms, it also includes some international data on cotton production.
  • Produced for Cotton Australia, the video is both an informative and persuasive text and a useful tool for the teaching and learning of content descriptions in the years 4 to 6 English curriculum about how text structures and language features work together to meet the purpose of a text. The footage of children wearing and playing with cotton products, the use of a cotton boll cartoon figure and the explanation of pesticide use are good examples of persuasive techniques in action.
  • The sequences showing the growth stages of the cotton plant may also be of use for the content description in the Science Understanding strand of the year 4 science curriculum about all living things having life cycles. The sequences show how cultivation of the cotton plant as a commercial crop depends on the stage in the plant's natural cycle in which it produces cellulose fibre to protect and eventually disperse its heavy seeds.
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3; 4; 5; 6

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  • English
  • Science
  • Design and technologies
  • Design

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