Learning objects MoneySmart: Pay the price

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This learning object helps students to recognise Australian currency through a supermarket shopping scenario which requires simple transactions. Students match item value with the correct coin and note combinations. The learning object has three different levels working through matching item value to: two single coins, two multiple coin options, selecting combinations of notes and coins. Students practice comparing like items, selecting the cheapest option and then counting collections of coins to make up a particular value shown on the price tag. It comes with parent and teacher notes.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This learning object is of value because of its relevance to the content descriptions in Money and financial mathematics sub-strand in the Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Mathematics curriculum.
  • The learning object helps students to recognise and count Australian coins and notes.
  • It provides simple transactions where students count collections of coins or notes to make up the value of an item.
  • The learning object is part of a set of four learning objects. The other three are: Goods and services, Pay the price and Needs and wants. The set is related to the Big book 'Ava makes a difference'.
  • The Learning object is related to the units of work Pancakes make a difference' and 'Bertie's socks'.
Year level

1; 2; 3

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