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Learning objects EnviroNorth: burning issues

TLF ID M016088

This is an interactive multilayered website about fire and land management in Australia's tropical savannas. Roleplaying the job of park manager, students navigate through sections on Indigenous land management, fire safety awareness, the impact of fire on flora and fauna, and statistical information on the scale and frequency of savanna fires. The content is supported by video clips, voiceover, photographs, maps and diagrams. The resource also contains an outline of a suggested written activity to create an awareness campaign about fire as a land management tool.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This may be a useful resource for the Landforms and Landscapes strand of the year 8 geography unit, and the Environmental Change and Management strand of the year 10 geography unit. Information on the scale, impact and management of savanna fires is relevant to the content description referring to the causes and responses to a geomorphological hazard.
  • This resource is also relevant to the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Video clips depicting the traditional use of back burning support an understanding of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities maintain a special connection to and responsibility for Country and Place.
Year level

8; 9; 10

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