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A 2D Shapes tool that can be used to create geometric objects such as quadrilaterals, circles, triangles, lines, arcs, rays, segments and vectors on a coordinate grid. Plot and label the vertices to reveal the internal angles, side lengths, area and perimeter, then manipulate the shapes on a grid to transform their shape and position. Graphs of algebraic functions can be superimposed. The charting tool can be used to input lists of data and create various statistical graphs including bar graphs, pie charts, box and whisker plots and scatter graphs.

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Educational value
  • This resource contains sections that are valuable for addressing the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions in Years 7 to 10 related to two-dimensional shapes, graphs of functions, transformations on the Cartesian plane and perimeter. The resource allows for interactive exploration and open-ended learning.
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7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12

Topics Geometry Points
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  • Mathematics

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