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This resource consists of a number of news articles and analytical pieces under the topic of aquaculture, within which there is one article that investigates the role of sustainable fish farming as world fish production overtakes world beef production. The article compares the environmental impact of both trawl fishing and fish farming in the context of harvesting pressure on world wild fish populations and the worldwide demand for more food. The sustainability of fish populations and the health benefits of fish in the diet are key elements of the argument for an increase in production from fish farms.

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  • This is a valuable resource for year 9-10 design and technologies students investigating sustainable production systems. The article considers environmental issues raised by conventional fishing and presents arguments for farming wild fish populations as an alternative. These arguments could be applied to other animal industries. The article raises a number of management issues that are relevant to land-based production systems. The language and statistics are clear and accessible.
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9; 10

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  • Design and technologies
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