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Teacher guide Tourism and development

TLF ID M017773

This is a unit of work about tourism and its multiple effects. Intended for years 9 and 10 and written from a global education perspective, the resource consists of six single- or multi-lesson activities, titled: Being a tourist in Australia; Being a tourist in Bhutan; Tourism and development in Bhutan; Responsible tourism; Evaluating tourist packages in Bhutan; and Balancing tourism and development. Student activities include investigating available holidays and considering their various effects, creating timelines and maps, and evaluating and developing tourist guidelines. The resource contains extension activities, tables and links to websites, profiles of Bhutan and Australia and other resources.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for the 'Geographies of interconnections' unit of study and for the Geographical Inquiry and Skills strand in the year 9 geography curriculum. It supports content descriptions that refer to: the effects of people's travel, recreational, cultural or leisure choices on places; collecting, selecting, recording and organising relevant geographical data and information; representing the spatial distribution of geographical phenomena in special purpose maps; and presenting findings, arguments and explanations in a range of appropriate communication forms, using digital technologies as appropriate.
  • The resource also has considerable value for the year 10 geography curriculum, being relevant to both of its units of study. Relevant content descriptions in the 'Environmental change and management' unit include those about human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability and the application of environmental economic and social criteria in evaluating management responses to the changes. Relevant content descriptions in the 'Geographies of human wellbeing' unit include those that refer to different ways of measuring and mapping human wellbeing and development, and to issues affecting the development of places and their impact on human wellbeing.
  • The resource is of great value for the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and the Sustainability cross-curriculum priorities and for a number of general capabilities, particularly Ethical behaviour; Intercultural understanding, and Critical and creative thinking. The various activities in the unit of work provide worthwhile opportunities not only to learn more about Bhutan and the underpinning elements of sustainable tourism but also to make progress in various continuums of the general capabilities. These include reflecting on ethical action, developing respect for cultural diversity, and identifying and clarifying information and ideas.
Year level

9; 10

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