Teacher guide The global car industry

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This is a unit of work about how the car industry has become increasingly globalised. Intended for years 9 and 10 and written from a global education perspective, the resource consists of five single- or multi-lesson activities, titled: Our cars; Australian automotive industry; How are decisions about globalisation made?; Automotive industry in Asia; and How can industry work to improve our world?. Student activities include creating databases, graphs and timelines, considering cost and benefit, developing standards and formulating a vision. The resource contains extension activities, links to websites, profiles of China and Australia, and information about globalisation and the car industry.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for the year 9 (and to some extent the year 10) economics and business curriculum. It supports content descriptions in the Knowledge and Understanding strand, including those that refer to: the interdependencies of participants in the global economy; how businesses seek to maintain competitive advantage in the global market (year 9); and the ways businesses respond to changing economic conditions (year 10). The unit's activities connect strongly to content descriptions in the Skills strand, including: gathering and analysing data and information; recommending a course of action; and reflecting on the consequences of economic and business decisions.
  • The unit of work also offers opportunities to integrate some aspects of the year 9 history curriculum with economics and business. Relevant content descriptions in history include the short- and long-term impacts of the Industrial Revolution, including global changes in transport, and using chronological sequencing to demonstrate the relationship between events and developments.
  • The resource is of great value for the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and the Sustainability cross-curriculum priorities and for a number of general capabilities, particularly Critical and creative thinking. The various activities in the unit of work provide worthwhile opportunities not only for students to learn more about the connections between the Asian and Australian car industries but also to make progress in various continuums of the Critical and creative thinking general capability. These include identifying and clarifying information and ideas, organising and processing information, and considering alternatives.
Year level

9; 10

Learning area
  • Economics and business
  • Geography
  • History

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