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Teacher guide MoneySmart: The fun begins: plan, budget, profit!

TLF ID M017873

This is a unit of work integrating aspects of the year 6 mathematics, English, geography, and economics and business curriculums around planning a nature fun park. The unit is intended to take about eight hours. It consists of eight sets of student activities supported by teacher notes, including mapping, holding discussions, choosing which facilities to include in their park, designing an environmentally friendly attraction, using budget and cost sheets, creating a profit, and giving an oral presentation. The resource also provides extension activities, assessment tasks, a profit calculator, worksheets, cheque templates, cue cards, and links to digital resources.

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Educational value
  • This resource if of value for aspects of the year 6 mathematics and English curriculums. Its nature fun park theme is engaging and challenging. Its student activities are relevant for content descriptions and elements of the achievement standards that refer, directly or indirectly, to solving problems involving all four operations with whole numbers, choosing appropriate units of measurement, and solving problems involving length and area in mathematics; and listening and contributing to discussions, and making presentations in English.
  • This resource does not reference the economics and business and geography curriculums, but it is nonetheless highly relevant for year 6 content descriptions in both. In economics and business these include the concept of opportunity cost involving choices about the alternative use of resources and the need to consider trade-offs, identifying alternative responses and considering the advantages of one over the others, and presenting findings in an appropriate format and reflecting on the possible effects of decisions. In geography, they include the effects of people's connection to places and representing the location and features of places in small-scale maps.
  • The resource has considerable value for a number of the general capabilities, connecting with the organising elements of composing texts through speaking, writing and creating (literacy); estimating and calculating with whole numbers, and using spatial reasoning (numeracy); creating with ICT (information and communication technology capability); and inquiring - identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas, and generating ideas, possibilities and actions (critical and creative thinking).
  • The resource is also very useful for the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework. It supports learnings at band 6 in all three dimensions of the Framework. Learnings include describing how an individual can influence their income (Knowledge and understanding dimension); using a range of methods and tools to keep financial records in 'real-life' contexts (Competence); and applying consumer and financial knowledge and skills in relevant class or school activities (Responsibility and enterprise).
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