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This is a digital big book about how a young girl makes and sells pancakes as part of a class fundraising event to help a family whose house has burnt down, and how she learns the importance of helping people in need. Developed as part of the MoneySmart Teacher Package, the story is suitable for children from Foundation to year 2. It has an inclusive range of characters and is colourfully illustrated. Reading the story is an activity in a MoneySmart unit of work, titled 'Pancakes make a difference', in which children learn how to hold their own fundraising event.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for the English curriculum in the early years. It provides a narrative text to support content descriptions in F, 1 and 2 about using comprehension strategies to build meaning and understanding in viewed texts. It may also provide a stimulus for content descriptions that refer to students recognising that texts are created by authors who tell stories that may be similar to their own experiences (Foundation); discussing how authors create characters using language and images (year 1); and identifying how visual representations of characters in narratives add to or contradict or multiply the meaning of accompanying words (year 2).
  • The narrative has a clear moral purpose and viewing it may be worthwhile for student development of the general capabilities of ethical understanding and personal and social capability. Ava's personal growth from helping others as a source of pocket money to helping them because they are in need connects with the organising elements and learning continuums in understanding ethical concepts and issues; exploring values, rights and responsibilities; and social awareness and social management.
  • As well as its value for the Australian Curriculum, the text is also useful for the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework. It supports learnings at the year 2 band in the Responsibility and enterprise dimension of the Framework. These learnings include applying consumer and financial knowledge and skills in relevant class or school activities such as charity fundraising, and demonstrating enterprising behaviours through participation in relevant class or school activities.
Year level

F; 1; 2

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  • English

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