Teacher guide Programming with Alice: Digital Divas Club

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This website provides teacher notes and student materials to introduce students to Alice, a object-oriented 3D programming environment designed specifically to engage students with computer programming using a story-telling context. The resources are provided in a downloadable zipped package that includes the free Java-based software required for the activity. Students will create a animated 3D story. Designed for novice users the teacher materials are simply written and include a lesson plan.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource is useful for engaging student learning in the processes and production skills strand of the Digital Technologies curriculum particularly in the areas of programming, computation and problem-solving areas. Using a story-telling frame to the programming environment engages students' imagination as well as building problem solving as students create their own solutions to a problem-based challenge.
  • This resource also offers opportunities to explore the general capabilities of personal and creative thinking and literacy within the Digital Technology curriculum.
  • The resource has potential to extend learning as a cross-curriculum unit in media arts (animation and music) as well as the Design Technology areas of project management and planning.
  • The aim of the Digital Divas Club resources is to attract girls to computer programming and digital technologies.
Year level

6; 7; 8; 9; 10

Learning area
  • Digital technologies
  • Information and communication technologies

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