Teacher guide Take a stand against racism

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This is a unit of work about valuing diversity and standing up against racism. It has four teaching and learning sequences that focus on: exploring identity and diversity, understanding what racism looks like, sounds like and feels like, taking action against racism and what individuals can do to confront racism. The resource includes notes for teachers, assessment tasks and links to the Australian curriculum, video clips, texts and images.

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  • This is a very useful resource for the year 5 and 6 Health and Physical Education curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions referring to: exploring personal and cultural heritage; and how valuing diversity positively can influence the wellbeing of the community. Teaching and learning activites 1 and 2 provide relevant information and activties to explore personal and cultural heritage. Activities 3 and 4 provide relevant information about how the wider community can benefit from valuing divserity. The resource is also relevant for exploring the Ethical understanding and Intercultrual understanding general capabilities as it explores values and rights and responsibilities of the community in relation to cultural diversity. Teaching and learning activities 3 and 4 titled Taking action and Taking a stand provide useful information and learning opportunities about responsibility and taking action against racism.
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5; 6

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