Video What have we got here: woodland birds

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This three and a half minute snapshot explores the reasons for declining bird populations in the impacted woodlands of the southern Murray-Darling Basin. In contrast, the intact woodlands of the north-western Murray-Darling Basin have healthy populations of birds including the crested bellbird, Australian ringneck, varied sittella, hooded robin, red-capped robin, grey fantail, striated pardalote and the mistletoebird. The video is one of ten in the series 'What have we got here? with Dr Dave - Series 2'..

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  • This resource is valuable due to its relevance to a content description in the Biological sciences sub-strand of the year 4 science curriculum. It shows how the woodland birds depend on their environment to survive. * This resource may be of some value in relation to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority because it looks at the dependence of woodland birds on specific ecosystem functions to survive as well as provide a case study about the actions required to preserve or restore the environment for a sustainable future.
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