Teacher guide Cats, Dogs and Us: Lesson plans (years 1-2)

TLF ID M018257

This teacher resource is an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) resource designed to encourage students to examine the physical characteristics and natural behaviours of cats and dogs, and discuss the various ways we live with and care for cats and dogs around the world. It consists of five lesson plans, three worksheets, an assessment task, and suggested extension activities. Some activities are supported by the Cats, Dogs and Us: Education pack (years 1-2).

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  • This resource is of value to the Literacy strand of the English curriculum. It supports the content descriptions that ask students to discuss and share ideas, recognise and reflect on the ideas of others, and develop short informative texts. * This resource is of also value to content descriptions within the science sub-strands of Science understanding, Science as a human endeavour, and Science inquiry skills. The student magazine and worksheets support students to develop an understanding that cats and dogs are living things with physical needs, have common features and behaviours, and that different living things live in different places. * This resource also supports the arts and mathematics curriculums. It provides an opportunity for students to carry out dramatic play and improvisation as they act out the movements of cats and dogs. Students have the opportunity to collect and display data on pet ownership in the class.
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1; 2

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