Teacher guide Statistics and Probability - data representation and interpretation (Dairy Herd Data)

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This is a teacher resource about investigating and interpreting data relating to dairy farm milk yields, and contains two work tasks including an extension task, data sets, student worksheets to assess learning, and background information. This resource, produced by Agrifood Skills Australia, is part of the Agriculture in Education program which is designed to support the teaching of food and fibre production and agricultural concepts in the classroom.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the Data representation and interpretation substrand of the year 8 mathematics curriculum. It is particularly valuable for calculating mean and median of data sets and investigating how outliers affect these measures of central tendency. The tasks in this resource support learning about data variability and what this represents in a real-world farming scenario.
  • This resource is of great value for the numeracy, literacy, and creative and critical thinking general capabilities. It is valuable for numeracy by providing a practical context for the interpretation of data. It supports the literacy capability as students explore the meaning of mathematical terms and concepts such as mean, median and outliers and use explanations to solve a problem and provide advice. This resource also supports critical and creative thinking as the tasks require students to organise and process information and use reasoning to demonstrate their understanding.
  • This resource is of value for assessing one element of the year 8 mathematics achievement standard. The student worksheets are a useful tool for judging how well year 8 students can explain the effect outliers have on means and medians in a set of data.
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  • Mathematics

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