Teacher guide Locks, Weirs and Dams

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This lesson sequence examines structures that are used by water resource managers in the Murray-Darling Basin including dams, locks, weirs, barrages, fishways, channels and levee banks and explores the positive and negative effects of river regulation. It includes a teacher PowerPoint presentation, separate teacher notes and a student worksheet. This lesson sequence is one in a series exploring aspects of the Murray-Darling Basin and is suitable to be used as a stand-alone resource or combined with other lesson sequences in the series.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource is valuable due to its relevance to the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand of the years 7, 8 and 9 curriculum. The resource examines the role a river operator plays in water resource management to overcome challenges such as dam level management, highly variable rainfall, water quality, environmental degradation to maintain an environmentally sustainable river system.
  • Students explore the challenges of balancing water use between various water consumers by playing the 'Run the river: a water sharing challenge' application.
Year level

7; 8; 9

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  • Geography
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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