Teacher guide Understanding Catastrophes

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This learning sequence explores two catastrophes impacting on children in Japan and India. Students engage with a range of texts to develop cultural knowledge and sensitivity about the peoples and countries of Japan and India. Their increased intercultural awareness is applied to a writing task that can be used to begin an ongoing relationship with students from the Asia region.

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  • This resource is of significant value to support the implementation of the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia priority in English, with particular emphasis on the first organising idea that people in Asia come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, traditions and cultures. The range of texts explores the traditions and values that shape Japanese and Indian children's cultural identity.
  • This resource is valuable as it provides teachers with strategies to support the implementation of the Intercultural Understanding capability, especially learning about and engaging with diverse cultures in ways that create connections with others and cultivate mutual respect.
  • This resource is valuable as student activities develop English skills such as analysing the structure of a range of text genres and recognising that texts represent different viewpoints.
  • This resource is valuable for supporting the year 5 literature and literacy content descriptions in English as it provides media works exploring contemporary issues such as disasters Japan and street children in India as well as a range of traditional literature from each country. Students use this information to learn about other cultures and how they are shaped.
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