Teacher guide The Farm Game

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This is a resource about the relationship between consumers and producers in the market. It is presented as a teacher guide and includes learning outcomes, a description, setting the scene information and a work task. The work task involves an investigation of different types of farmers and primary producers and a whole class game that explores factors that affect farming such as weather, finance issues and fluctuating consumer demand.

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  • This is a very useful resource for the year 7 Economics and Business curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content description that refers to how consumers and producers respond to and influence each other in the market. Work task 1 of the resource is useful as it involves students in investigating different types of farmers and primary producers. The Farm Game and reflection on completion of the game provides students with an opportunity to consider the challenges a farmer faces and to think about ways a farmer could plan for success in the future.
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  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Economics and business
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