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The tsunami lesson plan provides teachers and students, especially in remote coastal areas, with an opportunity to investigate how tsunami happen and how to stay safe if a tsunami occurs. The downloadable PDF includes lesson plans. student assignments based on case studies, as well as background information on tsunamis, safety information and real life stories. The resources also provides useful links to additional resources.

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  • The lessons within the resource are designed sequentially to enable students to demonstrate and build their knowledge about tsunamis. The assignments provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the scientific and geographical concepts explored throughout the resource. This resource is also very useful for senior secondary geography depth studies on natural and ecological hazards. The resourcealso has relevance to the year 6, 8 and 9 science curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions that refer to how science understanding influences the development of practices, inventions and technology, and how science and technology advances are linked.
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6; 7; 8

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