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Video Exploring farms that produce our meat and wool:producer video

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This is a video about Mayura Station in South Australia and the full-blood Wagyu beef it produces. It is introduced by owner Scott deBruin who explains the origin of Wagyu cattle in Japan; points to the characteristic marbling of its meat preferred by Asian customers; and outlines the importance of high energy grain feed to enhance the marbling. He describes how the cattle are raised on improved pastures, then go into a prescribed grain feeding program and are finally processed at an export abattoir. Visual sequences of cattle, improved pastures, crops and feeding sheds are shown and the station's own restaurant 'The Tasting Room' and chef Mark Wright are seen in operation. The video lasts for 4:15 min and in the latter part de Bruin details how the business operation is vertically integrated. He lists the countries they export to and explains why Mayura Station goes 'one step further' to market its meat directly to its customers.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for studies of agricultural production and marketing. It is very useful for the upper primary and secondary curriculums in design and technologies and economics and business. In the design and technologies curriculum the video's coverage of the managed environment of Mayura Station supports content descriptions that refer to how and why food is produced in managed environments (years 5/6) and how food is produced in managed environments and how these can become more sustainable (years 7/8).
  • The processes at Mayura Station would also be a most worthwhile case study for the years 9/10 content description also in Design and Technologies about investigating and making judgments on the ethical and sustainable production and marketing of food. The meat production processes include: the breeding of Full-blood Wagyu cattle; the two-stage feeding process; and the use of feed free from antibiotics and hormonal growth supplements. The grain and fodder production processes include tissue testing of crops, use of composted materials, and rotational cropping. The marketing process of selling directly to customers under the Mayura Station brand helps ensure high levels of food safety, quality control and traceability.
  • The video is of considerable value for content descriptions in Economics and Business. The way the Mayura Station brand is promoted by direct sales in Asia and through its award-winning restaurant domestically is directly relevant to the year 7 content description about the characteristics of entrepreneurs and successful businesses and the year 9 content description about how and why businesses seek to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the global market. The business' vertically integrated operation provides a very good example for the year 10 content description about the ways businesses organise themselves to improve productivity.
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5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10

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