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Video Mouat Farms - an Apple Orchard and much more. Batlow, New South Wales

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This is a video about orchardist and jam-maker Kris Mouat and how she and her husband operate a fruit agribusiness. It shows scenes of their 'Wyola' property as she speaks of how she came to orcharding and now makes jam from fruits and berries, and how they operate a roadside shop and a pick-your-own-fruit facility. She comments on the positive nature of life in the country; the research that assists them; the local industries they work with; and their membership of the Batlow Fruit Co-operative. The video lasts for 2:38 min and in the final segment Mouat assures young people who want to work in the country that they will find an aspect of agribusiness to suit them.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource is very useful for studies of agriculture and agribusiness in 21st century Australia, particularly in the context of subjects such as Economics and Business, work studies, and design and technologies. As seen in the video, the Mouat agribusiness involves about 10ha under orchard, a farm shop, and farm visits to pick your own cherries and apples. According to their website, the orchard component consists of approximately 12,000 apple trees, 1,200 cherry trees, some stone fruit and berries. The shop sells fruit, jams and eggs.
  • Kris Mouat's discussion of their business, including the role of the Batlow Fruit Cooperative, is of considerable value for the Economics and business curriculum, particularly for the year 8 content description about the types of businesses in Australia and how they respond to opportunities. The resource is also relevant to the year 10 content description about how ways businesses organise themselves to improve productivity and to the year 7 content description about the characteristics of entrepreneurs and successful businesses.
  • The interview is also very useful for year 9 work studies. Mouat's life story and advice to young people support the content description about investigating a wide range of occupations and the skills and personal qualities required in these fields. The work she undertakes is equally relevant to the content description about identifying types of entrepreneurial behaviours and their opportunities for application to 21st century enterprise.
  • In the years 7/8 Design and Technologies curriculum the resource supports the content description in the Knowledge and understanding strand that refers to producing food sustainably in managed environments. The Mouats plant mustard as part of their soil fumigation program and they only employ sprays when natural predators and methods have failed to control pests.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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