Video Bees and Berries a great combination

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This is a video about part-time farmer Jeff Kynaston and how he produces and sells berry and honey products. It shows scenes of his work as he tells of his satisfaction in growing boysenberries, raspberries and blackberries; picking the berries only when they are fully ripe; selling them within two days of harvest at farmers' markets and shops: and using those not sold for jam. He explains why he started keeping bees and how he produces and sells fresh unheated honey straight from the hives. The video lasts for 2:38 min and in the latter part Kynaston wishes he could afford to work for himself full-time growing berries and keeping bees and advises students that growing good berries is best learnt by trial and error.

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Educational value
  • This resource is very useful for studies of small-scale, part-time agriculture in 21st century Australia, particularly in the context of subjects such as economics and business, work studies, and design and technologies. Batlow Bees 'n' Berries is a valuable case study of a business that began as a pastime and remains small in order to maintain quality; as such it supports content descriptions in years 7 and 8 economics and business that refer to types of work and how people derive an income; how consumers and producers respond to each other in the market; and the types of businesses and the ways that businesses respond to opportunities in Australia.
  • Kynaston's passion for his agricultural work and desire to pursue it full-time are highly relevant for the year 9 work studies content description about investigating a wide range of occupations and the skills and personal qualities required in these fields, and for the years 7/8 design and technologies content description that refers to products evolving locally through the enterprise of individuals. He sells not only fresh berries and honey but also berry chutneys and jams, beeswax candles and lip-balms.
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7; 8; 9

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  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Economics and business
  • Design and technologies
  • Work Studies

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