Teacher guide Researching produce in your local region

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This is a teacher resource containing a series of inquiry teaching sequences relating to local food and fibre production. It contains material to assist planning, implementing and assessing a research task about the places in the local region that grow and manufacture produce. This resource includes links to online videos, digital tools such as GoogleEarth, and other Internet based resources. It also includes a fast facts section detailing some important Australian agricultural industries.

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Educational value
  • This a highly valuable resource for content descriptions in years 6 Geographical Inquiry Skills strand of the Geography curriculum. It is particularly relevant for developing questions and planning an investigation into locally produced food and fibre. It also supports teaching about the collection of geographical information from a range of sources, evaluating sources and displaying data in a range of forms including maps and tables. It is also valuable for the presentation of a research task as a written text using geographical language and digital technologies.
  • This resource is valuable due to its relevance to the content description in the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand about people's connection with places and the factors that influence their awareness and opinions of places. The research task in this resource supports developing an understanding of methods of increasing people's awareness about features in the local area, and of tools and techniques for shaping their opinions.
  • This resource is of significant value for a year 6 English content description in the Creating texts substrand. It is particularly relevant for teaching about creating informative texts for a specific purpose and audience. This research task in this resource focuses on planning, drafting and presenting an informative visitor guide and there is material to support teaching about text structures, language and display features, the use of imagery, maps, and colours and material to support the exploration digital tools and applications relevant to the task.
  • This is a valuable resource for the literacy and information and communication technology (ICT) general capabilities. For literacy, there is material that supports teaching about creating texts including a range of multimodal texts to present ideas and inform on a topic, using appropriate language and text structure.The teaching of ICT is supported through the exploration and experimentation of digital tools and applications in the creation of a a visitor information guide. These tools include GoogleEarth, digital storytelling tools, and photography tips.
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5; 6

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