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Text Banking on Shaky Ground

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This is a teaching and learning resource about the role of, and risks for, the 'Big Four' Australian banks in investing in overseas companies making land grabs to support their production supply chains in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. The resource consists of an eBooklet presenting four case studies of the banks' involvement sourced from a 2014 report by Oxfam Australia; ten suggested student activities in response to the information in the eBooklet accompanied by worksheets, posters and badges; and teacher notes about where the resource fits in the years 9 and 10 curriculum. The resource also includes updates on campaigns against land grabs and media reports on the banks' activities.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for the years 9 and 10 curriculums in Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship and for the Ethical Understanding general capability as it applies in these curriculum areas. The case studies and the fourth and fifth student activities are strongly supportive of content descriptions in the Economics and Business - knowledge and understanding strand that focus on risk management in the global financial landscape, how businesses seek to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the global market, and the factors that influence major consumer and financial decisions and the short- and long-term consequences of these decisions.
  • The resource is also highly valuable for the Skills strands in both curriculum areas, particularly for the content descriptions that refer to questioning and research, analysis and interpretation, decision-making, communication and reflection. Especially relevant are content descriptions about students reflecting on the intended and unintended consequences of business decisions and people's roles as citizens in regional and global contexts.
  • The resource provides a complex context to consider business ethics and the risks involved in falling short of emerging ethical standards. Its suggested activities are of great value for all three organising elements of the Ethical Understanding general capability. They provide sustained opportunities for students to achieve the capability at Level 6, in particular the capacities to distinguish between the ethical and non-ethical dimensions of complex issues and to analyse the objectivity or subjectivity behind decision making where there are many possible consequences.
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9; 10

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