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This is a video about the operation of the Carey Brothers meat production business. Introduced by Greg Carey, the video shows beef cattle at the company's abattoir as he lists the numbers of cattle, lambs and pigs processed in a typical week and the numbers of staff employed at the plant. He praises the resilience of the Darling Downs farmers who provide the company with quality livestock and comments on how the company provides opportunities for farmers by holding weekly cattle and lamb sales. Accompanied by scenes of meat being cooked and served, Carey describes what he looks for in quality cattle for the company's retail butcheries, explaining that their customers expect the best. The video runs for 1:56 min with the final screen containing six comprehension and discussion questions for students. Suggested answers are included for some questions.

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Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for studies of food production within the economics and business and design and technologies curriculums. Its coverage of the company’s operation as an agribusiness seeking to fulfil consumers' expectations of quality is particularly useful for content descriptions in years 6, 7, 8 and 10 economics and business. These include the reasons businesses exist and the different ways they provide goods and services in year 6; the characteristics of successful businesses and the ways consumers and producers respond to and influence each other in the market in year 7; and the types of businesses and the ways that businesses respond to opportunities in Australia in year 8.
  • Greg Carey's discussion of how his company operates in the middle stages of a paddock-to-plate supply chain reliant on resilient livestock producers, combined with the question at the end of the video about the elements of the supply chain are of considerable use for the year 10 economics and business content description about the ways businesses organise themselves to improve productivity.
  • The video's emphasis on the abattoir and butchery stages of meat production is also very useful for upper primary and secondary content descriptions in design and technologies, especially how and why food is produced in managed environments in years 5/6 and 7/8 . The operation of the company's abattoir and butchers' shops, and its associated smallgoods production facility and retail delicatessen (not mentioned in the video) would be a most worthwhile case study for the years 9/10 content description about investigating and making judgments on the ethical production and marketing of food.
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5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10

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