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This is a video about tree grower Mandy McCorkindale and how she and her husband propagate, grow and sell 300 different trees at Cascades Nursery at Batlow, New South Wales. It shows footage of their activities in various parts of the nursery as she outlines the advantages of buying advanced trees that have been hardened to the weather for at least 12 months, demonstrates stages in the growing process, and describes the range they offer. She tells how she likes selling direct to the public who visit the nursery and can see the trees growing in display gardens. The video runs for 2:01min and in the final sequences she speaks of her love of working outdoors and urges anyone thinking of a career in horticulture to try working in as many different nurseries as possible to see which aspect of the industry they prefer. The video ends with five discussion points for students.

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Educational value
  • This resource is very useful for studies of horticulture and agribusiness in 21st century Australia, particularly in the context of subjects such as economics and business, work studies, and design and technologies. The video and discussion points are of considerable value for content descriptions in years 6, 7, 8 and 10 economics and business. These include the reasons businesses exist and the different ways they provide goods in year 6; why individuals work, types of work and how people derive an income in year 7; the ways that businesses respond to opportunities in Australia in year 8; and the ways businesses organise themselves to improve productivity in year 10. As well as nursery sales, Cascades Nursery also markets its trees at farmers markets throughout the region.
  • McCorkindale's enthusiastic description and demonstration of her work provide the basis for valuable case studies in relation to the year 9 work studies content description about investigating a wide range of occupations and the skills and personal qualities required in these fields, and the years 7/8 design and technologies content description that refers to products evolving locally through the innovation and enterprise of individuals.
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6; 7; 8; 9; 10

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  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Economics and business
  • Design and technologies
  • Work Studies

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