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Teacher guide School Hero

TLF ID M020433

This unit of work explores the qualities that characterise an award winner from any of the Australian of the Year Award categories and supports students to reflect on the role of outstanding members of their own community. Activities explore the criteria used to nominate and select award candidates and consider how the criteria might apply to select a 'hero' in their own school community. By using the Australian of the Year Awards criteria and selection process as a guide, students collaboratively create their own criteria for a school award and follow a process to nominate, select and finally award a member of their school community. Finally, students plan an award ceremony and create a video profile of the winner highlighting what it means to contribute positively to their community.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a highly valuable resource for the Years 3, 5 and 6 Civics and Citizenship subject in the Humanities and Social Science curriculum. It has particular relevance to keys ideas relating to how people participate in society and the contributions of individuals to communities. The resource provides a teaching and learning sequence that explores the motivations and personal qualities of people who are recognised for their social and community roles and the values that underpin their contributions.
  • The resource also provides significant value for exploring aspects of national commemorations and celebrations in particular the place of the Australian of the Year Award in regard to national identity in terms of relevance to Year 3 History.
  • This is a valuable resource to engage student in developing key social inquiry skills including group work, researching, planning and communicating as well as developing questioning strategies.
  • Opportunities to develop promotional materials and video production skills provide a platform to link this work with the English curriculum strands of language and literacy development.
  • The resource provides opportunities to build general capabilities particularly in the areas on personal and social capabilities, critical and creative thinking and the ICT capabilities.
Year level

3; 4; 5; 6

Learning area
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Civics and citizenship
  • History

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