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This is a multi-faceted resource exploring six types of New South Wales environments – desert, alpine, woodlands, rainforest, coast and town – and their plants, animals and people. Intended for children in the lower and mid-primary years and their teachers, the major part of resource consists of four open access elements. The Map presents animated images and videos of the environments, providing views of the environments by day and night, and leads to the Game - a set of six games for each environment with varying levels of difficulty and points to be earned. The Campfire gives the local Aboriginal peoples’ perspectives through videos featuring local rangers, games and quizzes. The fourth element, Wilderquest Learning, is a teachers portal and includes two 10-week learning sequences – Wildthings for years 1 and 2, and Wildtracker for years 3 and 4. Some elements of the resource, such as the Cubby, require registration. Teacher registration in Wildquest Learning enables teachers to create a private class account and register students, customise units of work, participate in forums and observe students' progress.

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Educational value
  • This rich resource is of outstanding value for the Science and the Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography) curriculums in the lower and mid-primary years. The videos, games, and other activities are particularly relevant for content descriptions in years 1and 4 such as those about living things living in different places where their needs are met and depending on each other and the environment to survive in science, and the natural features of places and the importance of environments, including natural vegetation, to animals and people in geography.
  • The detailed learning sequences are of considerable use for content descriptions in the years 1 to 4 Science inquiry skills strand, especially those referring to participating in and conducting scientific investigations and to communicating observations and findings. The pedagogy recommended in the sequences is appropriate for the intended audience and uses the e5 instructional model of engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate to promote student engagement and deep learning.
  • The Campfire elements are of particular value not only for content descriptions but also for the curriculum's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross-curriculum priority. The videos and animations showing Aboriginal park rangers are respectful, relevant to the year 4 geography content description about the custodial responsibility Aboriginal Peoples have for Country and how this influences views about sustainability, and exemplify the cross-curriculum priority's organising ideas that Aboriginal communities maintain a special connection to and responsibility for Country and that the significant contributions of Aboriginal Peoples are acknowledged.
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1; 2; 3; 4

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