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This is a multi-pathway interactive resource that enables students to assess and enhance their literacy and numeracy readiness for VET Certificate I and II courses in Tourism and Hospitality. The resource provides a range of online tools and resources that enable teachers and trainers to diagnose student literacy and numeracy needs and customise appropriate support. There are seven course pathways available including courses such as Certificates II in Resorts and Holiday Parks and Kitchen Operations. Each pathway consists of an introductory video, a battery of diagnostic quizzes to check existing literacy and numeracy knowledge, a self-paced learning roadmap developed for the individual student to increase their knowledge, and a final quiz that when successfully completed results in the student receiving a statement of course readiness.

Educational details

Educational value
  • The Nodes resource illuminates some of the different types of work available in tourism and hospitality and these work contexts are of considerable use for year 9 content descriptions, also in Work studies that refer to career knowledge and choices, such as investigating a wide range of occupations and the skills and personal qualities they require, and sourcing career information and resources.
  • The activities in this resource provide opportunities to focus on Literacy and Numeracy general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum. Working through one or more pathways would contribute to students reaching Level 6 in eight of the 12 learning continuums of the Numeracy capability and at least seven of the 14 Literacy continuums.
  • Courses related to food preparation and handling will also have some relevance to food specialisation contexts in the Design and Technologies curriculum.
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9; 10; 11; 12

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