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The Australian Ballet's EduHub provides a range of resources about ballet including information on their productions. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is one of the world's most popular, traditional ballets. Siegfried is drawn to the lake and its secret realm of mystery and enchantment, where he falls in love with the Swan Queen Odette. Tricked and betrayed by the seductive Black Swan Odile, he can redeem himself only in death. Stephen Baynes’ traditional production combines grand scale and psychological intimacy. Resources include articles, photographs and videos on topics from pre-production (page) to performance (stage) including: a synopsis of the story and the character list; choreography; the music; set, costume and lighting design; as well as a behind the scenes section which provides background articles that examine how design and choreography shape the drama that underpins this ballet. A downloadable teacher resource kit collates all the information and provides additional creative response tasks for students.

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Educational value
  • This is a highly value resource to support critiquing and responding elements of the dance curriculum for secondary students. The resource is particularly relevant to content descriptions relating understanding and analysing the roles and viewpoints of choreographers, designers and dancers in a contemporary production.
  • The creative tasks in the teacher resource provide valuable support for the Responding and Making strands of the dance curriculum.
  • The background articles in this resource provide highly valuable insights for students examining how the history and traditions of a ballet are balanced with modern influences.
  • The video interviews provide insights into how individuals interpret a classic work including modelling the terminology specific to this form of dance.
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7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12

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  • The Arts
  • Dance

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