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Learning objects Bear and Chook by the Sea

TLF ID M020672

This learning object is designed around a series of videos with Lisa Shanahan, author, and Emma Quay, illustrator, including a reading experience of their collaborative work, Bear and Chook by the Sea. Taken as a whole, this sequence of lessons is a Stage 1 unit of work that results in students working in pairs to produce a short play for performance.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This learning resource features videos of the author, Lisa Shanahan and illustrator, Emma Quay, reading and talking about 'Bear and Chook by the Sea'. The videos are sequenced to engage students in cross curriculum learning focusing on rich literature.
  • Each video forms the basis of a discrete learning activity. The videos and their related activities have also been placed in a suggested order to produce a coherent unit of work called the 'Creating a play' sequence, with the goal of students collaborating to create a short play in pairs.
  • Additional NSW syllabus outcomes: -make artworks in a particular way about experiences of real and imaginary things (VAS1.1) -take on roles in drama to explore familiar and imagined situations (DRAS1.1) -convey story, depict events and express feelings by using the elements of drama and the expressive skills of movement and voice (DRAS1.2) -appreciate dramatic work during the making of their own drama and the drama of others (DRAS1.4) -develop positive relationships with peers and other people (INS1.3) -identify the ways in which they communicate, cooperate and care for others (IRS1.11).
Year level

F; 1; 2

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  • The Arts
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  • Arts

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