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This is a video (5:08 min) about the importance of water to a fully-irrigated 1600ha farming and wine-producing enterprise on the banks of the Murray River and the effectiveness of its fully automated irrigation system. The enterprise is Andrew Peace Wines and the system was developed by WiSA. The video iillustrates viticulture on the property and of its irrigation system and equipment. The first part of the video focuses on the crops grown, the amounts of water required, and the regulations under which private diverters access river water. The second part focuses on the automated system – its components, functionality, benefits, and savings in time, water and labour.

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  • This is a highly valuable resource for studies of agricultural innovation in the curriculum contexts of design and technologies, geography, humanities and social sciences (HASS), and economics and business. In design and technologies it is highly relevant to content descriptions in years 7 and 8 referring to analysing how food is produced when designing managed environments and how these can become more sustainable and to ways to produce designed solutions through selecting and combining characteristics and properties of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment. In years 9 and 10 the video is of particular relevance to the content description about investigating and making judgments on how technologies can be combined to create designed solutions.
  • In the year 7 geography and Humanities and Social Sciences(HASS) curriculums the resource is of considerable use for the 'Water and the world' unit, especially for the content description about the nature of water scarcity and ways of overcoming it, including studies drawn from Australia. The video's visuals and commentary provide valuable material for a study drawn from the Murray-Darling Basin.
  • The two companies whose products are featured in the video could be used as interesting case studies for the content description in year 8 economics and business about the types of businesses and the ways that businesses respond to opportunities in Australia. For example, WiSA's founder Graeme Wright is featured in the video indicating that the motivation for starting the company was to give Australian farmers the edge over the rest of the world in supplying water to their crops.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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