Teacher guide Breeding a sustainable future

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This is a unit of work that focuses on improvements in livestock and crop production brought about by agricultural practice, scientific research and technology. The unit is organised around six learning experiences that include investigating how agricultural products have developed over time; identifying the role of technology in increasing yields; working out how science disciplines have collaborated to solve agricultural problems; and presenting information and argument on reproductive technologies and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The learning experiences are supported by lesson plans, background information for teachers, numerous suggested videos and websites as well as student worksheets. The resource is supported by a video of the same title.

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Educational value
  • This excellent resource is very useful for studies of agriculture in curriculum areas such as science and design and technologies. In the context of year 8 science the design of the unit of work presupposes students have an understanding of cellular structure. The unit supports and extends this understanding through its contextualisation of numerous content descriptions in the Science as a Human Endeavour strand. These include content descriptions that refer to science understanding and skills influencing the development of practices in areas of human activity; science knowledge developing through collaboration across the disciplines of science; and solutions to contemporary issues found using science and technology possibly impacting on other areas of society and involving ethical considerations.
Year level

8; 9

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  • Science
  • Design and technologies
  • Technologies

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