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This is a video [6:25 min] about growing almonds on a property in the Riverland of South Australia and why the owners switched from citrus to almond production. The first part of the video illustrates the characteristics of the property and explains the long-term strategy and business reasons for the switch. The next part shows how the labour of almond production is managed and the crop harvested. The operation and value of the almond growers’ cooperative Almondco are then presented in some detail. The video concludes with the owner identifying his major production costs and pointing to the industry and national imperative to expand further in the massive almond markets of India and China.

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Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for studies of agricultural management in the curriculum areas of economics and business, work studies and design and technologies. In economics and business it is especially relevant for various content descriptions in the Knowledge and understanding strand such as the year 10 content description that refers to the ways businesses respond to changing economic conditions. Other relevant content descriptions refer to types of businesses in Australia in year 8 and how and why businesses seek to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the market in year 9. The video's discussion of the growers' cooperative Almondco supports this last content description very well.
  • The video is of considerable value for the food and fibre specialisation in the design and technologies curriculum. Relevant content descriptions refer (in part) to analysing how food is produced in years 7 and 8 and investigating and making judgments on the sustainable production and marketing of food in years 9 and 10. The Vause farm in the Riverland and Almondco would provide useful case studies to exemplify these content descriptions.
  • The video is of also of value for the year 9 work studies curriculum, particularly for the content description about investigating a wide range of occupations, and the skills and personal qualities required in these fields. Simon Vause provides a useful coverage of the work involved in growing almonds and identifies some of the management skills needed.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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