Text Year 10: Justice at home and overseas

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This collection of resource sheets support students to understand key features and values of Australia's system of government and the role of the High Court with a focus on the Western Australian legal system. The resources include a comparison between key features of the Australian and Indonesian systems of government. Teacher resources are accessible using the password FrancisBurt2015. The resources are designed to provide pre- and post-visit activities following an excursion to the Old Court House in Perth but could also be of value as part of classroom units of work in history and civics and citizenship. Activities include research, vocabulary building, creative responses and include assessment tasks.

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Educational value
  • These resources provide opportunties to explore concepts of justice and law in Australia and internationally as they are decribed in content descriptions in the civics and citizenship curriculum.
  • The resources will also provide opportunties to explore the ethical understandings element in the general capabilities.
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  • Civics and citizenship
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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