Text Science Fiction: Short Stories

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This resource for students presents information on how to respond to short answer questions on texts. Using textual evidence is discussed, with details on the use of ellipses and full stops. A sample answer is provided to a short answer question on Louise Lawrence's story 'Extinction is Forever'. Students are then asked to read Ray Bradbury's short story 'The Pedestrian', Terry Bisson's 'They're Made out of Meat' and Richard Matheson's 'Brother to the Machine', and then respond to the short answer questions on each. A sample answer on one of these questions is also provided. Students are then given two options for extended writing. They can choose an essay topic from a list and use one of the stories in their essay, with sample essay plans provided if needed; or they can create their own essay topic on one of the short stories. Advice is given on what to cover in their essay.

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