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In this learning sequence, students explore frictional forces. They investigate how friction changes with different contact surfaces in wet, dry and icy conditions, and the effect this has on braking. Finally they apply this learning to the real-world situation of tram travel, and explore why sand is used on tram tracks in wet conditions.

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Educational value
  • This is a highly useful resource for years 3 and 4 Science curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the science understanding content description that refers to forces being exerted by objects in contact. Throughout the resource students engage in activities to explore the frictional forces that result from trams moving across rails, and how these forces are related to the 'bumpiness' of the surfaces in contact.
  • The resource is also useful for the content descriptions in the Science Inquiry Skills strand. In particular, the hands-on toy car activity and the braking activity guide students to ask questions, make predictions, measure, make observations and reflect on what they observe.
  • The learning experiences within the resource are designed sequentially to enable students to build on and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of friction and forces, while also learning about how to stay safe when near trams and tram tracks.
  • This resource is also extremely valuable for supporting the Victorian Curriculum for years 3 and 4 Science, particularly content descriptions within the Science Understanding physical sciences strand; as it directly links to relevant Victorian curriculum content descriptions.
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3; 4

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