Teacher guide Sustainable travel

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In this sequence of learning, students design and pitch ideas for an app that informs users of the cost associated with various forms of transport. They investigate the costs and environmental impact of forms of transport, including public transport. They then explore ideas for designing an app to allow commuters to track the cost and environmental cost of their own transport, culminating in a creating a design brief for their app.

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Educational value
  • The resource is also valuable for supporting the years 5 and 6 Digital Technologies learning area content descriptions about designing a user interface for a digital system and explaining how student digital solutions could meet community needs. Students are engaged in designing an app to track the sustainability of a user's transport choices and pitching their app idea to an audience.
  • The resource is also valuable for supporting the Information and Communication Technologies general capability. The lessons provide authentic opportunities for students to define and plan information searches and collaboratively create and modify digital solutions, creative outputs as they create their own design for an app.
  • This resource also offers opportunities to make reference to the Sustainability cross curriculum priority, as students examine how designing action for sustainability requires an evaluation of past practices and balanced judgements based on projected future economic, social and environmental impacts.
  • This resource is of great value to supporting the years 5 and 6 Victorian curriculum Digital Technologies learning area, as it directly links to the relevant Victorian curriculum content descriptions.
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5; 6

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  • Digital technologies
  • Technologies

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