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This unit of work introduces students to the importance of safe behaviours in and around tracks and stations based on a real or virtual visit to a station, local level crossing and tracks. The central focus is familiarisation with main elements of the train network and responsible actions around crossings, platforms and tracks including understanding the key practice of Stop, Look, Listen, Think.

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  • This is a highly useful resource for the Foundation and years 1 and 2 Health and Physical Education curriculum as it relates to at least 4 content descriptions. It is particularly relevant for the content description that refers to identifying people and protective behaviours that help keep themselves safe and healthy. Lesson 1 involves students in identifying hazards at a station platform, pedestrian level crossing or train tracks; they then practise safe walking, and observe and listen for things that help keep them safe. In lesson 2 they identify the people who can help keep them safe and protective behaviours for near the train tracks.
  • The resource is also very useful for the content description referring to identifying actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing. Lesson 3 of the resource is very useful for this content description. Students create a class frieze of a pedestrian level crossing and train station including the safety features. They then identify actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing by creating a rail safety message for others, for example by presenting in an assembly or creating a picture book.
  • The learning experiences within the resource are designed sequentially to enable students to build on and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding of safety actions needed to stay safe in the community and in road environments when near train tracks.
  • This resource is also extremely valuable for supporting the Victorian Curriculum for Foundation and years 1 and 2 Health and Physical Education, particularly content descriptions within the Personal, Social and Community Health strands. Students are engaged in identifying safe actions and protective behaviours in a class excursion to a nearby rail location and in promoting rail safety messages in their school or community.
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F; 1; 2

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