Image Ship Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound

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This is an oil painting of Ship Cove in the Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand. It was painted by John Webber (1751-93) in 1788. In the foreground is a small group of Mäori and behind them are others, some in canoes, and a tent-like structure on the edge of a bay. A harbour and distant hills can be seen in the background.

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Educational value
  • This asset was painted 11 years after Webber visited Ship Cove as expedition artist for James Cook's third voyage to the Pacific - Webber painted from sketches he made while on the voyage, a common technique employed by artists, as the cramped conditions on board made it too difficult to paint.
  • It indicates that Webber combined his desire as a documentary artist to record accurately what he saw (the local people wearing traditional clothing) with his desire to compose a landscape according to artistic conventions of the time (a carefully balanced foreground, middle ground and background, lit by a calm golden glow from an undefined source).
  • It indicates that Webber presented the unfamiliar and exotic as acceptable and comforting to the European public by employing the artistic conventions of the day to create a familiar harmony and beauty in the scene.
  • It shows that Cook revisited Ship Cove on his third voyage - he had also spent time there on his second voyage.

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